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Coming March 1, 2019


75 Fall Long-Yearling

20 Spring Yearling Bulls

March 1, 2019

You’re invited to the 33rd Annual Camas Prairie Angus Ranch Performance Bull Sale in Lewiston, Idaho @ 1 p.m.

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Mature Cow Dispersion Sale

June 22, 2019

At the ranch in Grangeville, Idaho.


Proud Moment…

Our niece Sydney doing big things.


March 1, 2019

Lewiston Livestock Market

Lewiston, Idaho

It is with great pleasure that once again we welcome you to our 33rd annual bull sale! We are including Ray and Jennifer Aiken with Boot Livestock adding bulls from their operation. They put some embryos in their commercial cows out of our donor cows. There are also a few bulls from my sister and niece’s herd.

In this 33rd annual sale we are excited to present a new AI sire we are using. Ray was very instrumental in deciding to use Poss Element 215 in our herd. We are pleased with this outcross pedigreed sires progeny. We will use him more in the future. We also used FF Black Gold, a Black Granite son; we are pleased with his progeny as well. We like the Protocol sire group as well. We actually bred the dam of Protocol. There are good bulls in each of our herdsire groups.

I have always said, and will continue to believe, that no matter the market, you need to surround yourself with good genetics. Pounds sell!! We have been stacking generation after generation of calving ease, high growth genetics to advance your herds and bottom line. Even though our cattle numbers are expanding, the exports are still growing with Asia only starting to get a taste for our good American beef! The demand should keep growing!

The bulls in this sale have been slowly developed on dryland grass and their mother’s milk. The bulls are born on wheat stubble or dryland pastures, fed 2# to 4# of oats during the winter then back on dryland pastures with their dams in May. We wean off the bulls the first part of July and feed our home grown barley and oats and grass hay. The middle of October we changed to 6# to 8# of a corn/ oat mix with an added supplement of 1# per day with free choice alfalfa (2/3 and grass hay (1/3). They are in a ready to work condition! All are ear notched BVD negative. They will semen test and trich tested on those that need it prior to the sale. These bulls are ready to go to work for you.

We have listed our vaccination protocol elsewhere in the catalog.

We are once again offering the first breeding season guarantee (explained elsewhere in the catalog). If you are not satisfied with your bull, we will do what it takes to make it right. We will once again offer $100 off per bull if you take him home from the sale.

If you are unable to make the sale or need help with your selections, we would be glad to help you. Contact us if you would like to participate, knowing that if you don’t like the bulls when you see them, you don’t own them!

Banner Bank will once again serve coffee and pastries the morning of the sale. We will host a tri-tip lunch cooked by the Idaho/Lewis County Cattleman’s Association, and with A Taste of Art catering the sides. North 40 will supply the water & sodas.

Once again, thanks for your interest in our program. If there are any questions we can answer, feel free to ask Bob or Ray. We look forward to seeing you at the sale!

We have no females in this sale this year. We are having a mature cow herd dispersion on June 22nd at the ranch in Grangeville. We will be selling every female born in 2014 and earlier, donor cows included….nothing held back! RB Cattle from Potlatch will have a nice group of bred heifers in this sale. It is just time to slow down a little. We will still have cattle. We are not quitting by any means, just cutting back numbers. We will continue to have our annual Performance Plus bull sale.

Check back for more information, or join our mailing list!

C.D. “Butch” Booker, Auctioneer
Mark Frisbie, Western Ag Reporter
Logan Ipsen, Western Livestock Journal
Jake Troutt, American Angus Association
Rod Wesselman, Wesselman Livestock

Sale Day Phones
Bob Rylaarsdam (208) 983-6552
Lewiston Livestock (208) 743-5506
Ray Aiken (208) 507-2402


Clay Bickford and Tony Seubert

Dr. Terry McCoy, Animal Health Center,
Island City, OR

Red Lion Hotel (208) 790-1000
Holiday Inn Express (208) 750-1600
Comfort Inn (208) 798-8090

Insurance will be available at the time
of settlement.

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62 Fall Bulls

$231,750 Ave $3738

  8  @ Year Old Bulls

$47,950 Ave $5994

70 Total Bulls

279,700 Ave $3996

29 Open Commercial Heifers

Ave $1167

14 Commercial Pairs

Ave $1563

Top 2 Year Old bulls:

Lot 82 $7500  to Haldemann Ranch, Chinook, MT

Lot 77 $7200 to Haldemann Ranch, Chinook, MT

Lot 79 $7000 to Robinson Ranch, Whitebird, ID

Lot 80 $6500 to Robinson Ranch, Whitebird, ID

 Top Fall bulls:

Lot 29 $7000 to Neil Uptmor, Craigmont, ID

Lot 22 $6600 to Phillips Ranch, Baker, OR

Lot 10 $6500 to Brian Garner, Peck, ID

Lot 2 $6250 to Rad Ranch, Cottonwood, ID

Lot 23 $6200 to Kevin Zumwalt, Whitebird, ID

Our Program

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We've changed:

We’ve taken our calves out of the feedlot folks. This is CPAR’s second year feeding calves on site. Our fall calves are born on wheat stubble and dry-land pasture grass.  When winter hits, the calves receive a 2 pound/head/day ration of oats. Two months prior to weaning, our calves are out on dry-land pasture with their mothers.  Weaned bull calves are brought in and started on free choice homegrown long hay consisting of 2/3 alfalfa and 1/3 grass and a 2 pound/ head/day corn & oat ration.  This ration is gradually increased until the calves have reached 10 pounds/head, while they continue on free choice hay.  This year we’ve added a grower pellet supplement to our homegrown feed to add to body condition.  We are pleased with the results and feel you will be, too.



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