75 Fall Long-Yearling

20 Spring Yearling Bulls

March 1, 2019

You’re invited to the 33rd Annual Camas Prairie Angus Ranch Performance Bull Sale in Lewiston, Idaho @ 1 p.m.

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 2019 Sires


Camas Prairie DFnl Prd 6852

Lot 1

 This son of Dameron Product229 had the heaviest yearling and weaning weights and was the top bull for WW and YW. Number five bull for Ribeye Area. 

6915 skwm.jpg

Camas Prairie Windy 6915

Lot 40

Calving Ease potential. Great ratios.

6801 skwm.jpg

Camas Prairie Payweight 1682

Lot 22

Embryo Transfer.


Camas Prairie Regulator 6829

Lot 16

Low birth weight and a great yearling ratio.

6814-0180 WM.jpg

Camas Prairie DFnl Prod 6814

Lot 2

The number two bull for the heaviest yearling weight and the third highest wean weight. He has the second highest WW, top 2% of the breed, and YW, top 4% of the breed.

6833 skwm.jpg

Camas Prairie Regulator 6833

Lot 14

Number six in Ribeye Area and five for WW.


Camas Prairie Regulator 6868

Lot 19

Calving ease bull.